Saturday, March 5, 2011

Shopping....sort of....

This morning I took Melissa shopping...or at least tried to. We hit three stores. Nothing. It's not like  we wanted anything usual.  Church skirts and school shorts.


Then we hit the Goodwill. We walked away with one black skirt and one white skirt.  Maybe now she'll wear something other than jeans to church.

She is still in need of school shorts.  We have school uniforms here - khaki or navy bottoms. A lot of the stores here in the late summer  & earlier fall had tons of uniforms. Now? Not so much. Which is very annoying when you have a child - or rather children! - that grow. And so, have out grown most of what we bought in the late summer.

Today Ross, Target, & Academy had nothing. Tomorrow maybe we'll hit Old Navy and be in better luck.

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PollyS said...

Tried eBay? That's my go to place for mid-season.