Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Connection or Not??

Monday I subbed in one of those lovely eight grade classes.  I actually was just worried about the last two classes of the day....they really gave me issues last time I was in that class. But the teacher must have put the fear of God into them because they were good as gold. They stayed quiet and went right to work - or rather at least acted like they were working...based on how many actually turned work in, I would say many were day-dreaming or faking the whole working thing.

But - it's their grade not mine.

Then there was third hour.  It's a computer class and according to the teacher they had lots of work to turn in. But most said they were done. At about five minutes left in class, I said for those that were actually working they could start to save their work and pack up to leave. Every one did and then proceeded to stand at the door...then the in the hall way...then down the hallway...then by the door to the portable building that we were in. All the while ignoring me when I was asking telling them to come back to the room and to be quiet as there was another class in the building.

So, there I was...standing at my door trying to keep an eye on the few that were still in the room and the rest of them as they proceeded out the door - as one boy grabbed another boy's hand and used it to pull the fire alarm.

Thankfully, this fire alarm was not connected to the whole school or the fire department so we didn't get a trucks in our front drive. (Of course, that could be a BAD thing if it was a REAL FIRE!)

But still. Pulled the fire alarm. On my watch. I wasn't called to work yesterday or day....wonder if there's a connection......

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