Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Night

I'm still amazed at how many days can go by before I find time to sit and write a post! This week has been full - not crazy busy, but good and full. I did work Monday - sadly with those dreadful eight-graders, but thankfully they were not too bad. I also worked today, but in the front office...which has it's own craziness...but with adults...but fun. I really do enjoy working in the office. The ladies there are a hoot!

I did a HUGE commissary trip - the kids were SOOO excited!! I came home with like eight bags of chips - but they quickly realized they were not all for them. We are hosting a church youth event here at the house and I wanted to make sure I had enough food for a dozen teenage girls.  The great part was I had some great coupons for those chips - I do love coupons!

So - yes, lots and lots of teenage girls at the house this weekend.  William will be with the boys at a different house and Drew and Benjamin are running away to Dallas to escape all the girls.

Can't say I blame them.

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