Saturday, March 17, 2012


This morning Drew flew back into town after being at some training most of the week.  We met him for lunch at one of his favorite Italian places. I thought you would find our conversation entertaining.....

Me: want the good news, the bad news, or the other bad news?

Drew: haha...just tell me  (Which is his normal response to my good news/bad news intros.)

Me: Well, the kids and I wanted to surprise  you when you got home by doing the yard so you won't have to. First off, William was going to cut the grass, but after getting the lawn mower out, I remembered you lowered it last time and we couldn't get it back in to the higher position.

Drew: Good - I didn't want the grass cut again until after the seeds I sowed had sprouted some.

Me: GREAT! Well, that works at least....  So...good news: Melissa edged - she did a GREAT job! But bad news: she did broke one a sprinkler'll need to fix that.

Drew: great.... (Meaning not great)

Me: Ben got all those sticks in the back cleaned out so that worked out well, but while William was using the weed-whacker, it quit working. We couldn't fix it, so you'll have to. SURPRISE!

Drew: I don't think I like your surprises....yeah, I don't think I want you planning anymore surprises for me.....

Me: deep sigh.....

Always entertaining around here....

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