Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Once Again

Once again, I have been a slacker blogger. Spring break was nice. The week after with William in the high school play was nice. Easter was nice. Everyone going back to school was nice.

My mom having surgery yesterday not nice. But she is recovering now - slowly. Not nearly as fast as she would like.  I think the pain in her tummy has taken her by surprise.  She was to have just a polyp out, but ended up losing 6 to 8 inches of her colon BUT the doctor thinks he got all the yucky stuff out. 

(Yucky stuff: stage T1 colon cancer)

Dad is taking is all in stride so far.  He has asked several times when she can come home. Today he was ready to get back to the hospital before I was - he was so ready to see "his girl"!  Hopefully, he'll feel the same tomorrow.

So, yes, I with my parents for the week and Drew is Mr. Mom back at home.  He'll do a great job - although, I'm sure no vegetables will be seen by any of my family all week....but that's what happens when dad's in charge, right? Junk food for all!!

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