Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spring Break 2012

Spring Break is over. Very Sad.  But we only have four days of school this week, then we are out for a long Easter Weekend - very happy about that.

Overall, it was a nice week off from our normal routine. William and Melissa went with the youth group to New Orleans to do mission work. They both LOVED it! And both want to go back next year.  We'll see...I would like to take a family trip somewhere....good thing we don't have to decide any time soon.

Ben did feel a little left out. I tried to entertain him. Sunday night we went to my mom's to help out there for a few days.  He got to spend one day with one of his friends playing mini-putt-putt, eating yummy Orange Leaf Yogurt, and just having fun. He, also, spent the night at another friend's house.

Friday I ran away to Houston to attend a ladies retreat with a friend that her church. It was really nice to get out of town! Wish I could have stayed longer!! I did get some great meals in and some shopping done as well.

While I was playing in Houston, Drew took all the kids on Saturday shopping and to a movie, Mirror Mirror.  They all said it was cute and enjoyable.

Church today, a nap, and a nice walk with Drew makes spring break over.  The house is a wreck and we are all tired. This coming week is a busy one with me working tomorrow (so the dirty house will stay dirty another day) and with William in the high school play.  Tonight he is at rehearsals as well as tomorrow night with the performances on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Throw in Melissa's art class, Ben's piano and soccer, Wednesday night church and we have lots going on!

But Good Friday is coming!! We plan to sleep in late, then help out at the soup kitchen. As of now we don't have too much planned for Saturday or Easter Sunday...I'm sure we'll come up with something...maybe a hike before the temperatures get too hot here in the Deep South.

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AnnieBlogs said...

Love this! Yay for Spring Break in all it's forms.