Monday, November 19, 2012

Soccer Update

Friday night and all day Saturday was a local JV tournament. We were not planning on this as William is on the varsity team, but he came home from the Thursday night game (which sadly, we lost) saying that the coach asked him a two others to come out to play for the JV.

Urgg. I really was not happy. This field is all the way across town....and Drew was out of town, so it was all on me.

So. We went. (Don't really think I'll get the best mom award since I had a bad attitude - but that get a little better as I did get to visit the other parents -that's always fun.)

The good news is that William played all three games - probably 80-90% of the time in each game.

The bad news is that we lost. All three games. Badly, at times.

Friday night several of us parents couldn't help to notice the man on the field in uniform. No, it wasn't that he was a head taller than our little freshman and sophomores. And it wasn't that he was much wide in the shoulders, either. It was the full beard. Only a few of our guys even have peach fuzz on their faces and he's sporting a full beard like he was a Duck Dynasty family member.

Then Saturday we played two more games. With a few more players with full beards. And yes, those men just ran over our JV team.


Frankly, I'm not sure if they just ignored the JV part and sent their best players or if this was truly their JV team. But William feels like at ten were varsity players based on their shorts being different from the rest of the players from that team.

I guess in the end it doesn't matter. Our boys got some play time. The school hosting the tournament got their money (all tournaments are really a fund raisers as they charge teams to enter as well as an entrance fee each day.)

It was a beautiful day - nice temperature - full sun. Could have been so much only we could have year, right?


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