Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Best of America

Last week I had the privilege of spending some time with my friend, Sage, as we measured little feet for new shoes.  Eight or nine years ago, Sage wanted to help some of the needy students in her children's school. She decided that she could at least buy them  a pair of shoes. So.  She did.  She talked to some members of her church, took up money (but still most of the money came from her own pocket), and just did. No telling how many children she touched through these last years.

We now attend the same church and she has brought this wonderful ministry to our church.  Our church took up an offering - and wow! Several more schools have been added to the list, because people were generous - over $4,000!!  Thursday I was able to go with Sage to measure little feet. They were so sweet. Many were stinky - I'll be the first to say that. But all were sweet. All were thrilled to get shoes.

Well, except one. He wanted to get a pair for his little brother.  Now - that can't be any more sweeter.

One boy's shoes where torn with his socked toes sticking out. Sad. Heart-breaking. One of the middle school boy's shoes were literally falling apart - he had not had a new pair of shoes in about three years. Sad. Heart-breaking - all here in America.

One women just wanting to help. And she did - she is!  Black Friday she and a few friends will spend the day shopping - not for themselves, but for hundreds of little feet. Then the week after Thanksgiving, we'll go back into the schools to hand out the shoes (in a very private way, so no one is embarrassed.)

Sage is the best of America. She encourages me to be a better me just by being herself.

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