Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Where the Action is

Saturday brought more soccer.  Drew and I dropped William off at the gate while we waited in the car for about half an hour as William's team was not scheduled to play until then (and it was a tad cool,  so we wanted to stay warm!). As we were walking up to the field where our JV team was playing, we realized that William was playing.  Not sure why he was playing for our JV - we never got a clear answer. William, of course, was just glad he got play time. He could care less about which team it's for.

He, also, got play time for the varsity - which, of course, he was happy about.

Afterwards we did several errands that caused us not to get home until mid-afternoon. So, when Sunday came I really didn't want to go anywhere after  church. Melissa was not too happy about that. She ended up staying home most of Saturday, so she was ready to go.

She was disappointed.

Monday come with more soccer.  Surprisingly, William started for the varsity! I was shocked! He ended up playing probably 60% of the game - even got a goal!!  He was so thrilled!! I was, too! It's fun seeing him be so excited!

When I asked why he thought he got to start, he said it was because another player was late.   But I'm not so sure. Yes, a player was late, but William still got play time after he arrived.  And William was playing more than one position.

Well, whatever reason, we're all glad William is getting to play.  Last year he did not.  It's not a whole-lot-of-fun watching your child warm the bench.

Not matter how well he warms it, it's still not where the real action is!

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