Friday, March 22, 2013

From Nasty to Gutted to (Hopefully) Nice

Last Sunday we had several errands, but ended up with about 30 minutes before we dropped William off at play rehearsal. We decided to stop by Wendy's since William needed to eat beforehand.

I was not impressed. Disgusted, yes. It had been years since I had eaten at a Wendy's - and this one was the perfect reason why. Even though it was about half full with people, it seemed as if no one had cleaned any of the tables.

My family knew I was not happy when I pulled out my Germ-X. I'm not a big germ-a-phob so for me to start pouring the gel out, the kids knew I was grossed out.

At one point Melissa rolled her eyes and said, "She does this at Waffle House,too."

Only at the nasty old ones!! The ones where you can see the inch of grease everywhere...yuck!

But today as we past by Wendy's I has only one thing to say: I told you it was nasty!!!

It was totally gutted!! You could see through it. It seems that it is following the way of our McDonald's & Burger King in getting a total make over.

It so needed it.

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