Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Yesterday was a day of getting a few "spring cleaning" items taken care of. One of them was Drew replacing all the air filters and vacuuming and cleaning the vents. While doing that, he realized that the upstairs unit was not working well. It seems that it was set on 65 and not really running....not good at all....

That's when Drew (aka WAS1) called William (WAS2) "Junior".

It's not a good thing. I left the room and stayed far, far away.

I never like it when Drew is upset...and now WAS2 doesn't either.

Not knowing what he (William) was doing, he tried to reset it because he was hot upstairs...but did not set it well at all! No telling how long it tried to run on 65 and probably just froze up.

We're letting it "rest" and unfreeze - hopefully, it'll work fine when we try to turn the AC back on....

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