Saturday, March 9, 2013


Many years ago I started to drink less carbonated drinks - a lot less! When Drew meet me in college, I pretty much drank only Cokes. But between pregnancies and learning more about nutrition, I just don't drink many any more. I drink one a week or one every ten days or so now. It's a treat - not a staple.

Even when we have parties I have don't serve sodas anymore. I serve lemonade, sweet tea, & water. But an interesting thing has happen at our parties: several times I have been told that the lemonade is the best they have ever had.


Frankly, I'm shocked whenever I'm told that.

My secret? Kool-aide lemonade. It's got to be the simplest thing ever!

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PollyS said...

ha! thanks for sharing your secret. We don't drink that much soda either. I could swim in a vat of diet coke if given the chance. but it's soooo bad for us. So I stick to water. No fun, but good for me.