Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ice Day

Yesterday was the first snow day we've had here almost two years.  (And another one today, as well.) We really just got ice...sleet....just enough to make all the roads nasty.  At one point all my kids walked outside for a moment...not really dressed for cold weather!  I, of course, had to be mean and I locked the door behind them - while I took pictures!  Don't worry, I only locked them out for a moment.

Benjamin was the funniest though!  He had his pj's on with no shoes and he went to take the trash out - barefooted!!  He very quickly came back it - with the trash still in his hands!  As he walked  - well, really ran! back into the house, he said, "That was a mistake." in a very calm voice.  For some reason, it just make me laugh!!  Yes!! walking out in the ice and sleet with no shoes on is a mistake!! 

He really thought he could just take the trash out quickly, but then found the trash can frozen shut!  He needed a little bit of time to get it open - time his feet just didn't have!!  Oh, I love my kids and their funny ways!

(William was out there in shorts as well, but I didn't get my camera in time. Melissa learned her lesson - after being locked out the first time, after that she took her house key with her!)

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