Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Sadly, This is Normal

All military wives know how to tell if you husband is out of town: all things fall apart.  While we are no longer active duty, Drew still goes out of town some.  And yes, this week I can tell he's out of town without being told: Things are falling apart.

Last night I could NOT get my drain to work on the bathtub. Neither could William.  Which really isn't a big deal.  I could just leave the water in the bathtub....just irritating that its stuck.  It was stuck once before (when Drew was gone - of course!), but I was finally able to fix it.  Last night I just left it all there.  This morning I had William with his teenage boy muscles work on it.  He could not.  He just laughed - "Yea...I don't know WHAT you're gonna do with THAT!"

Thanks, William....

Then this morning Melissa's car wouldn't not start. Great....just great.....  So, I rearrange my afternoon schedule and got all the children to and from their activities. 

After we all were home, I had William to try again on the bathtub.  He had a great idea to use a butter-knife to try and pop it open. We were able to get it open enough for the water to drain.  I'll look at the drain later, and see if I can get it working normally.  If not, Drew will be home Friday and he can be in charge of it.

Then, it was time to figure out what was up with Melissa's car!  I got in it and decided it was the battery.  As I searched for our jumper cables, I realized they were in Drew's car.  Which is with him. In Dallas.


But thankfully, we have some great neighbors!!  Trey across the street did have jumper cables and we decided it was the battery. We got it up and running! Yea!! It's now in the garage with a battery charger.  

While these things were annoying and caused me to change my planned schedule, none of them were life stopping.  Thankfully, no child is sick or and the house is still standing!  But I'll still be happy when Drew returns home on Friday!

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