Saturday, January 31, 2015

Going For Double

One day as a teenager, my mom and I  stopped by to visit my grandmother. As we sat down to play Scrabble (because that's what we did at my grandmother's house), I caught a glimpse of my grandmother's ears and yelled, "GRANDMOTHER!!" (Grandmother, because this was NOT a Momma Lee moment!)

Her and my mother both looked at me, " WHAT?!???"


Then my mom caught a good look at her ears and yelled, "MOTHER!!!" (Because, this was NOT a 'Mom' moment!)

Calmly my grandmother said, "Oh, yea...I got my ears double pierced. How do you like them?"

How did we like them??? We really were speechless. There was my 75 years old grandmother supporting double pierced earrings. 

Crazy. Amazing. And just so her. She had some spice in her, that's for sure. 

While there have been times I have considered doing the same, I've never gotten my ears pierced a second time. But today my daughter did. 

She had asked about getting them earlier in the week. Drew and I had no reason to say no. Melissa and I made a trip to the mall today to have the deed done. She did great - only winced a little. And so, now her ears are even cuter than they were before. 

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