Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Books of 2014

For the year 2014 I read 104 books.  My main goal for the year was to read more non-fiction than fiction.  And I did.  By five.  Not a large margin, but I'll take it.  For 2015 my goal is to read two times more non-fiction than fiction. So far, I'm on target. I have only read two books this New Year and they both are non-fiction. One I struggled to read (The Rules and Exercises of Holy Living) and one I really enjoyed (Fields of Faith).  And learned that I really don't enjoy reading a book writing in Old English!

As I look over the books of 2014, I picked out my favorites.  Here goes!

The Romanov Sisters by Helen Rappaport - a biography of the last Russian Czar's daughters - very sad...but I learned  a lot.
 Joan by Donald Spoto - a biography of Joan of Arc - amazing....I didn't know much about her before reading this, I'm now I awe.
Rescuing Julie Twice by Tina Traster - a memoir of an adoption of a little girl suffering from Reactive Attachment Disorder....very good

The System: The Glory and Scandal of Big-Time College Football by Jeff Benedict and
 Armen Keteyian - behind the scenes of college football -yep! It's all about the money
 and winning!  (Warning: bad language and details of a sexual assault.)

Unwritten by Charles Martin - fantastic!!! Just may be my new favorite fiction book
and author!!!

 I, also, read several sci-fi series that were enjoyable. I think I most enjoyed the series placed in
 a quilt shop.

I'm looking forward to the books and authors I'll discover in 2015! 

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