Thursday, January 15, 2015

Soccer This Week

Tuesday night's game was bad. Very bad. We lost 5-0. On turf. I really hate it when we play on turf...that ball just rolls....and rolls. 

The other team was really good, though! As much as I wish I could blame it on the turf, they out played us at just about every position. 

But thankfully, it was NOT a district game. 

Tonight was a district game. And we won!! Yea!!! 4-0. The last time we played this particular team, they beat us, so it was nice to keep control of the game and win. 

Sadly, William didn't get a goal. But he did get two fouls. 

Yep. My sons who has never gotten a foul (that we can remember) in his life got two tonight. 

We can't help be laugh a little. 

When I asked him if he felt like he was fouling, he said, "No, I was just trying to get around him and he just fell down!"

Like I said, we can't help but laugh a little. 

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