Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Alive and Well

Yes, it's been awhile since I've posted...we are alive and well.  We really enjoyed our holidays....we really didn't do anything major....just stayed at home and enjoyed family and life. 

I've already posted on how our holiday started: by learning that Melissa earned a 29 on the ACT. She was pretty much on a high from that for all of Christmas break!  Still in - in fact yesterday when she went back to school, she made sure to stop by a few of her teacher's room to let them know. 

My parents came over and spend several nights with us.  My brother and his family came over for several hours Christmas Day.  I have to admit: it was extremely nice not to travel.  We all got to be good and lazy!

We did see several movies.  Drew and I saw Unbroken.  Very good!  But I would say, read the book before you go.  Of course, the book is better, but, also, it explains the change in Louie's life.  He met Jesus and his life was changed. The movie glossed over that...sadly....but not surprising as Hollywood doesn't even want to admit there's a God much less that His name is Jesus.

We, also, saw Night at the Museum Three. I enjoyed it.  We thought the kids would go with us, but they all found some reason not to be seen with their parents in public.  Yes, they are teenagers!  I did take Melissa and a friend to see Into the Woods (but Melissa asked me NOT to sit with them - like a dagger to my heart, I tell ya!!).  I enjoyed it as well - neither of these two movies will probably win any awards, but they were fun to see.

We, also, watched lots of (but not Ole Miss as they seemed to have NOT SHOWN UP TO PLAY....very, very frustrating!).  Melissa and I did do a little after Christmas shopping but not much...I didn't brave the mall.....too much craziness for me.

The kids seemed happy with their Christmas presents.  William got a video camera, Melissa concert tickets, Ben got some Minecraft stuff , and they all got a small Ping-Pong table.  Of course, the boys are enjoying that more than Melissa!

The other big event is Melissa getting her driving license.  She has had her permit since the summer and as of January 3rd was eligible to get her full license.  Which, of course, she wanted!  My plan was for her and William to share a car for several months to six months before we bought another car.  Well....I got out voted.  Drew bought himself a new Toyota Camry.  It's a very nice car!!  So, that means William got the blue Camry and Melissa got the white little Matrix that William had been driving.  They all are very, very happy!!

And I'm still driving a mini-van.  Oh, well.  A few more years of driving soccer plays and giggly girls around, then I can down-size. 

One of the gifts I was excited about was fabric. Yes,  I got fabric for Christmas and I was very happy with it all.  In the last week I have pieced a quilt together for William.  It's green.  No surprise there for anyone who knows how much that boy likes green.  Today I was able to piece the back together, but not quilt it as I need to get some green thread.  Hopefully, I'll be able to buy that tomorrow and if I don't work on Friday, then get to the actually quilting.  So, now I'm looking at patterns for my next stuff!

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