Saturday, January 17, 2015


January is my least favorite month. It's usually cold and dreary and wet. And it's a long month as well. (It's amazing to me how only one extra day can make a long month but it does, somehow -at least for me.) 

January is, also, the month that I had my first miscarriage.  That pain may have faded but never truely goes away. It was a long, cold, dreary, wet month in Albuquerque in 1996. While I'm sure we had some days of sunshine, I don't remember any. 

But today we did have sunshine! And the temperature was almost 60 degrees!! Oh, how we needed it!! 

We slept in...took our time getting dressed. When we all were dressed, we took the boys to get haircuts and a few errands....picked up some yummy bar-be-que for lunch. Afterwards, Drew and the boys got some chores done in the yard while I took a nap and slept way a headache. But I did sit outside for a little bit. Drew even put our new patio table together....makes me look forward to family dinners outside again soon. 

Late the afternoon and evening we all watched a movie together and put a puzzle together. 

Maybe if I had more relaxing full of family and sunshine days, I would have better feelings toward January! 

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