Monday, January 26, 2015

Yes, Another Ten Days...

So...I truly don't mean to go ten days without posting....  Part of it is life is sort of just routine...and part of what I think is cute and family would enjoy reading about, my kids don't want me posting about.  Yes, they are teenagers and parents "embarrass" them.

But, this too shall pass....

Soccer is going strong....I'm actually missing a game tonight.  In a bit Benjamin and I have a meeting at the middle school, so Drew went to the game without me.  But don't worry. There's plenty of soccer this week for me to see - three other games!!!  Tomorrow is a make-up game, then Thursday and Friday both have normally scheduled games.  I will admit that I'm seriously thinking of not going to Friday's game.  It's several hours away....I'm really thinking of being the lazy mom and not going. 

We had a game this past Friday night - out of town as well.  In was just miserable.  The temperature was about 39 degrees...raining... Just a yucky night to be out much less to be watching a soccer game. And it was on turf...I think I've shared before how I hate to play on turf. We lost.....5-0.  We actually sat in the car and watched from there. And I had forgotten my heavy coat at the house.  Had my hat and gloves and scarf, but no heavy I was much happier in the car.

Saturday the kids were all at a youth even so we were kid free - yea!!  We got several chores around the house done, then had a nice lunch out.  Then I took a good long nap while Drew started the taxes.(I'm sure others could think of more romantic things to do without kids, but that's what we came up with! We enjoyed it!)

There's been a few changes at our church.  They switched services times around some.  And Drew and I have switched Sunday school classes.  I just was ready for a change....wanted something different.  So far, I'm enjoying the new class....Drew just thinks it's "okay"...we'll give it more time to see how we both like it.

Also, our church is tearing down and old building - the original building, actually, and will start soon a new building that will house a larger sanctuary and new preschool area.  It should take about a year and half to complete. Lots of changes!

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