Monday, January 12, 2015

In Our Soccer World.....

We've had some good soccer games in the last week.  Last Monday we played a game about an hour away.  It was at tough game! The field was turf - which our boys are NOT use to!  Oh, how that ball rolled...and rolled!!  But we did win - William even got two goals! We played very well for the first part of the half, then  when they scored as well, it was like our boys gave up.  SOOOOO frustrating to watch!! Then about half way in the second half, our boys got their act together and won. 

Thursday night's game we, also, won - 11-0.  Sort of gotta feel sorry for the other team...  The other team is from a small town about 45 minutes away.  They are just farm boys - this town just doesn't have a lot of people moving in and out - they are just a little too far from the Air Force base for that, so most of the students are more into foot, base, and basket ball - the traditional Southern sports.   Towards the end of the game the coach let a few of our defenders and even our goalie play forward and striker positions so they could try to get a goal.  It was pretty funny! They were just not use to playing that position and couldn't hit the ball at the right angle.

Saturday we played a team that's higher ranked than us from a few hours away.  We ended up winning 4-2 (I think that was the score....can't remember), but the referee was HORRIBLE!! Never before have I seen a ref yell to the parents, "Opps! My bad! We'll do a "re-do"  WHAT??? Seriously??? 

Also, we have two brothers on our team that just can't be nice to each or really anyone.  One got a yellow card, the other got two yellow cards which makes it a red card and so he had to leave the game.  They just sass and fuss at each other - argue with the refs - tell other team mates what to do... drop cuss words...Urgggg.  And sadly, our coach just doesn't have the guts to bench them or kick them off the team because they are so good.  And from what we can tell, there's no discipline from the (divorce) home. 

I'm sure the other team left with a  bad taste in their mouth from us.

Our boys were excited to beat a higher ranked team, though.  William did not get a goal, but played well - had some good passes. 

My aunt was in town for the game and I think she enjoyed it.  I think William enjoyed having her there, as well.

This week we have one away game and one home game.  And as usual the weather is calling for cold, cold temperatures....lovely.

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