Tuesday, December 23, 2014

OH!!!! The Screaming!!!!

This morning as I was reading (or maybe just playing on the phone or computer) Melissa screamed at me. "MOM!!!!!"  It was the kind of scream that made me think she saw a bug or a mouse (not totally out of the realm of possibilities!) Then I heard some like "twenty" and I thought she wanted twenty dollars.

Then my slow brain computed what she said, "I MADE A 29 ON THE ACT!!!!!"

Then she ran into my room and jumped on me like she was two - legs and arms wrapped around me in a full body hug (of course, since she's my size, she ended up dropping because I couldn't hold her up!!!)

Oh, how proud and happy she is!!  Through-out the day she was come up to my side and say, "Hey, mom...guess what??  I made a 29 on the ACT." 

Thrilled, thrilled, thrilled!!! 

We even when out to dinner to celebrate at one of her favorite places to eat.  What a happy girl we have!!!

She will have to take the test again.  Every spring the school gives the ACT during school hours to all juniors (and whatever seniors that want/need to take it again).  She's already planning to study even more then than she did this time around - after all: she wants to score higher than Big Brother William with his 32.

Sibling rivalry.  I love it when it works in favor of my checkbook!

(From what we can gather without a formal visit to the school of her choice, this test score along with our alumni status should knock-out about 75% of her college expenses.) 

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