Friday, December 19, 2014

The End of the Week....Somehow....

It's been one of those weeks that I find it hard to believe it's Friday already! This week really has flown's been much busier than I excepted.

Monday I had lunch with my Tuesday Morning Bible study ladies.  Tricia had to work this Tuesday, so we moved our day up some.  We each brought part of a meal. I made curry butternut squash soup.  Oh, so, yummy!!  (but not according to my kids - they were glad this time around I was serving it to some one other than them!) We really had a nice and relaxing time, but it didn't last long as shortly after lunch it was back home for laundry and chores and cooking dinner and getting ready for a soccer game..

We all were excited that it was an early game - and we won! With a goal by William.

Tuesday I worked in the front office of the middle school.  It started out slightly crazy as it was the first day of 2nd quarter exams.  Instead of reporting to their homerooms, the students had to report to a different place for testing.  And of course, there were about 40 kids whom had NO IDEA where to go.  It took about 45 minutes to get them all sorted out.  I was very glad I wasn't in charge of it! I just helped out where I could.

After school it was more chores and cooking dinner and getting ready for a soccer game. (Sound familiar?)  We were excited that we won this game as well!! With 3 goals for William!!!!  He was just over the moon!!

Wednesday I drove over to my parents for a little while.  I entertained Dad while Mom has a doctor's appointment.  We went to the Outback to eat lunch.  They have a great little salad with candied pecans and blue cheese that I enjoy.  I do wish it has better lettuce was a very white "green" salad....really needed more greens!!

After I got home it was more chores. Mainly, this week I have been working on my Christmas treats for my neighbors and my Christmas cards.  As I said in an earlier post, I had to recreate my address book due to it being lost when our computer crashed.  It took lots of hours tracking people down through facebook, an old yahoo address book I found, and through a white pages web-site.   I ended up using the yahoo address book and just updating as much as I could.  There was a lot of cleaning out as well.  Apparently, our yahoo account had kept every email address we had ever emailed something to.  Sounds like a good idea, but I really don't need to keep any address that has "customer service" in it.

I finally finished the new address book Thursday and so I was able to get all the Christmas cards addressed and stuffed and stamped.  I had not sent out cards last year, so I wanted to this year.  (As of now, next year is iffy!)

Thursday was also more chores - laundry!!   And getting ready for a soccer again.  This time it was a late game.  And we lost. And William got no goals.  Blaaaaaa.

This morning I finished the last of the Christmas sewing I wanted to do and cleaned my sewing room since I'll be having a guest tonight.  I'm sure my brother-in-law, David, would like to sleep in a room he can move around in with out the fear of stepping on a pins...or over an ironing board...  After that got all cleaned up, Melissa and I went out for errands.  She is looking for any reason to drive!  And it was nice to have someone with me as I went to the post office (Christmas cards are mailed!!!), dropped off recycling, and picking up those last few gifts.

We ended up stopping at the Goodwill - one of Melissa's favorite places.  She found a few things and I found some great books!  We were both happy.

And some how that's our week.  We have  few things planned for this weekend, but they should be relaxing.

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