Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Funny Side of Life with Teens

The other night at dinner the kids and I (Drew was working late) were just going over things upcoming.  One of the things I said that they needed to set some time apart this weekend to buy Christmas presents for their family members.  I told William while I enjoyed the NOLA Saints' pendant he gave me a few years ago, I did not need anything sports related this year.  Melissa didn't remember that particular gift, so I told her the story:  A two years ago William had a $25 gift card from Academy for helping out with a church soccer program.  He decided to use that to buy all his Christmas presents instead of his own money.  After all, why spend his own hard earn cash???

Apparently, he couldn't find anything for mom, but a Saints' pendant.

Drew and I have laughed at that gift often! (It's currently hanging in my side of our closet....yea...I had no idea what to do with it!)

Melissa enjoyed the story  and was laughing about it as well!

At some point we were all laughing again, and Ben put a sausage ball on my plate.  I looked at him  - very surprised because he loves these things! I asked him, "What? Are you full already??!!??"

"No - I just took it off of Melissa's plate."

OH! How I wish you could have seen the look on Melissa's face!!!  Totally shocked! Then we all started laughing again.

These kids are a lot of fun!!

Last night was the youth Christmas party.  They were told to look around their house and bring something they no longer want.  Melissa found two unopened VHS movies (Left Behind 1 & 2). William pulled out some old baseball cards my dad passed on to him (just a lot of commons - no one famous!).  I think Ben found a karate movie.

Then they came home.  Melissa got one of the best gifts of the night: a lava lamp.  William received a roll of toilet paper and one lone sock full of dead batteries!!  We thought that was a good gag gift - very resourceful!!  (Sorry....can't remember what Benjamin came home with....)

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