Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Christmas Quiz

Last Wednesday night at church instead of continuing to teach on the life of Samuel, our pastor gave us a Christmas Quiz.  He ended had us "grade" it.  And he rewarded(gift cards to the local restaurants) the top ten highest scores - I'm happy to announce that I was one of them!  Here's the questions - see how YOU do!

1. Who told Mary and Joseph to go to Bethlehem?
2. According to the Bible, what form of transportation did Mary and Joseph use to get to Bethlehem?
3. Which Old Testament prophet has the most to say about the birth of Christ?
4. Who told Joseph to name the baby Jesus?
5. What does the name Jesus mean?
6. What does the name Emmanuel mean?
7. How did the shepherds find Jesus?
8. How did the Wise Men find Jesus?
9. What were the three gifts given to Jesus by the Wise Men?
10. Who ordered the execution of two year olds and younger?
11. What was the name of the priest who was told he would not die until he say the Savior?
12. Who visited baby Jesus the night of his birth?
13. How old was Caesar Augustus when he died in 14AD? (This was sort of a trick question since the Bible really doesn't say, but the pastor used it as a tie-breaker - we got points for being close.)

(Our pastor, also, added some questions about Samuel since we have been studying him, but I won't add those here.)

1. Caesar Augustus to be numbered for a tax; 2. The Bible doesn't say; 3. Isaiah; 4. an Angel (possibly Gabriel, but the Angel is not named); 5. Savior; 6. God with Us; 7. Angels; 8. a star; 9. Gold, frankincense, and myrrh; 10. King Herod; 11. Simeon; 12. Shepherds; 13. 75

So? How did you go??  Let me know!!

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