Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Fallout

While we had a wonderful time with family over Thanksgiving week, William some how lost his wallet. Very frustrating! It had all the normal important items in it...driver's license, military ID card, the Wal-mart gift card he used as his gas card &, of course, a good bit of cash as he just got paid from a tutoring job. 

So, today j checked him out early from school to go to the DMV for s replacement license. (Too bad there's not a place to go to get replacement cash!) Thankfully, we hit it at the right time -we were in and out in 35 minutes. 

Probably a record. 

The Friday before Thanksgiving Melissa came home from school not feeling well. I gave her some meds and she took a nap. She felt better & over the next few days to a week really didn't complain too much (she has a high pain tolerance!) , but as it turns out, she felt bad still. 

By Sunday evening she was complaining, so I set up a doctor's appointment. Turns out she has mono. 

Yuck! Poor thing! I had mono at 16 as well. No fun! (Of course, I'm hoping she didn't infect the whole dang family that we saw last week!)

The thing about mono is that you can be a carrier & not even know it. Since I had it as a teen, Melissa could have gotten it from me as I could have become 'active' again and not known it. It has a 4-6 week incubation period, so it's hard to track down when you were infected. 

For the most part with mono you have headaches, a sore throat, fever, fatigue, no apptitite....  Her glands around her neck are swollen, but the great concern is her spleen could become swollen, as well. The doctor didn't think it was - hopefully, it'll stay that way. 

She stayed home from school today, buts wants to go back to school tomorrow no matter if she still feels bad. 
She missed one big test today, had at least one small quiz tomorrow...she wants to at least take them & try to stay caught up. With it being the end of a semester, its a bad time to miss school. 

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