Friday, February 13, 2015

I'm a Wimp

Several times last weekend I told Benjamin to clean his room - after all it smelled like something had curled up and died in there.  But the weekend was busy and it never got done.  As Benjamin walked in the door from school on Monday, I told him now was the time!! We were going to start in one corner and clean EVEYRTHNG!!  And that meant taking stuff off shelves, dusting everything, moving furniture....whatever it took to find and get rid of that smell!

So, we did...things got moved...carpet vacuumed.  I even made Benjamin unroll his sleeping bag thinking a wet towel got left in there from a sleep over. While we did find dirty clothes in there, it was not the smell.  He did get rid of lost of trash that was hiding in his room. He, also, decided to get rid of all his nerf guns (which we gave to a neighbor). I was very surprised at that, but happy!  We, also, have a bag for the goodwill. Makes his room look so much better.

Then we moved to his closet area...Yep! That was were the smell was.  We cleaned out old clothes, found missing socks, emptied old backpacks and bag....but still nothing that was stinky. 

Until I moved the small shelf unit that's inside his closet and I saw something....."Please, tell me that's a gray ROCK!!"

"Nope. That's not a rock. That's a dead mouse."

Yep. I was right.  Something did curl up and died in Benjamin's room.

Poor Benjamin!  He muttered, "Why did it have to be MY ROOM??!!"

Did I mention that Drew was out of town??  Which presented me with a was I going to get that thing out of my house???

Not once did it cross my mind that I  would actually do the deed. No way.  I've done a lot of things because Drew was out of town, but this?  Nope. Not gonna happen.  Nor did I really think either of my boys would man up and take care of it.  So, I called a neighbor.  After all he had snakes as pets, so surely, he wouldn't mind helping???!!!  I'm sure he and his wife laughed at me, but thankfully, he disposed of the stinky thing. 

Yep. I'm a wimp.  And  I'm totally fine with that.

(Back story: We thought we had a mouse before Christmas. Drew and William saw one on the patio, and I thought I saw one inside, but we never saw droppings or a nest. Off and on since before Christmas we have set out traps but never caught anything.  But apparently, this little mouse did eat the poison we set out.  Praying that he was a loner and had no family....or if he did that they like the taste of poison as well....)

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