Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Father's Day Weekend

We were able to spend this past weekend with Drew's family.  Christmas was the last time the kids and I were able to visit. It was nice seeing the new house my in-laws now have.  It's perfect for them!  

We were able to get a few chores done for them (ok - to be honest I did not really do any chores...but a few of my sister-in-laws did and Drew and the boys did....Melissa and I got some shopping in...). Also, we got a few morning walks in and were able to watch the sun set over the Mississippi - both are favorite past times in Natchez!

We ended the weekend on a sad note as we attended a funeral for a beloved uncle. It was so nice to see so many of the extended family, but hated that it was at a funeral.  But Uncle George lived a long and happy life....we're trying to focus on that.

One of the funnier moments of the weekend actually happened before we left town.  I had the kids give Drew his father's day gifts before we left so we wouldn't have to keep up with them.  All the kids are very un-inspired when it comes to gifts: they all gave him chocolate.  But, at least, he shares with me!  The funny moment was when we read the card the kids gave him.  William signed his first  - AND LAST NAME!! As if there was another son named William?? And while Benjamin didn't write his last name, he did put his last initial.  Once again, as if there was another son named Benjamin.

Who knows what these boys are thinking!!  (And maybe perhaps even funnier - this is not the first time William has signed a card to one of his parents this way!!)

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