Saturday, June 25, 2016

Lazy Weekend

I love lazy mornings... and very glad today is one of them. Not much has happened this week...I did get a few things done, but with a few migraines, I read more than being productive at cleaning my house or working on a new quilt (that I have cut out, but have not had the motivation to start to lay out and piece together.) I even had the time off from work, since summer is a slow time for us.

I did come across a few new authors and have read them this week: Lisa Phillips and Karen E Olson.  Both write mysteries...and I enjoyed both.  The Olson book had a smattering of bad language, but not so much that I gave up on it. I'm looking forward to finding more from both at my library.

Today's main goal is to get Melissa ready for camp that starts tomorrow.  She has some scholarship opportunities through this camp and her and Drew will be finalizing those applications today.  She's a pretty good writer, but her dad? He's GREAT at editing things.

And tonight's main goal??? To make it to the James Taylor concert on time!!!  Should be a very entertaining concert!!

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