Thursday, June 30, 2016

My Yesterday

My yesterday actually started the night before as we were leaving for soccer and William's car would not start. Dead.  As a door nail, as we say in the South.  The remote wouldn't even unlock the car.

So.  We moved all the soccer gear to my van and off we went. On our way William called his dad - whom, of course, is out of town.  Of course, he is.  Something breaks is a sure sign of that.  Anyway. He and his father had a long conversation. When he got off the phone, William said, yeah, he said we should jump it and take it to the dealership. I said that was an awfully long conversation. William said "I just shorted it to the important stuff."

Remember that as I go on....

So, we got up Wednesday and went about my original plan: deep clean the house with free manpower: my two fully-able-body teenage boys.

Can you feel their excitement??  I'm sure they are now planning for jobs that pay enough to hire a housekeeper.

Yes, they complained.  Yes, they grumbled. And yes, they probably did not clean as well as I would have liked, BUT! getting at least one layer of dirt off the baseboards, crown-molding, ceiling fans, is better than nothing.  And I didn't have to do it my self.

I did other cleanings....scrubbed the kitchen, laundry, floors... Sadly, even after we cleaned for several hours and were very tired, I could still see things that needed to be done.  But we'll just have to wait another day.  It was after lunch and we needed to still deal with William's car.

Since it's a hybrid, things like the battery work differently.  So, we pulled the book out and read how to jump it off.  I texted my friend with the jumper cables to come on over. 

About that time William said something about weren't we to call Toyota??  Maybe set up an appointment??  I was can just work us's just a battery. I'm sure they do this all the time.

Then Drew called.  Yea....apparently, he and William talked more details that William told me.  (Are you surprised? I'm not.) 

Backstory: About a month ago we took William's car in for normal stuff like oil change.  And here's where the communication failed.  I remember the discussion being that the hybrid battery was low and would need replacing at some point soon and it was 3K. ouch! So, we would wait.  The boys remember the story as the regular battery was low and they didn't have one in stock and so, we couldn't take care of it and so, we would just wait. 

Which is why Drew told William last night to call Toyota BEFORE we took it in to see if they had one in stock and if not, then order one.

All that was not told to me.  ME - the one  was talking care of all the details.

So, I texted my friend NOT to come over, I called Toyota - and was put on hold.  Then it took hours for someone to call me back.  But they did have one in stock and we could come on down.

But of course, its not that easy.

We did get my friend to come over with the jumper took longer than normal, but we got the car started and drove it to the dealership..

Who acted like they had no idea why I was there.


Lessons of the day:  Bad teenage cleaners are better than no cleaners.  Always, ALWAYS get the details from the husband....not the teenage boy.

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