Sunday, August 21, 2016

Heavy Heart

Life is such a roller-coaster at times. In the last week or so we have rejoiced as deployments have ended for friends and with a family as they finally were able to meet their new son through adoption. But tonight I  have such a heavy heart tonight as I see friends walking the road of loss. 

Some are facing divorce ...a few totally blindsided....others by mutual agreements....some just tried of fighting to be their spouses one and only.... Each couple have such a different story, but each has heartache. All have children...I wonder the effects that will visit each of these.

Some friends are facing the loss of a parent in the near future...others dealing with ill children. 

Then I look at the news headlines. So depressing. I don't think CNN had one positive story in their news feed tonight. 

Good thing we have been told how the story ends...I know good is in the future. But at these times I think the only thing to say is "come, Lord Jesus, come." 

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