Monday, August 29, 2016

Bonus Year

This is my Bonus Year with Melissa.  Most of the kids in her preschool class (at church b/c she didn't really go to real preschool) are going off to college this fall.  At that time we were living in Virginia the cut-off date for entering school was Melissa's birthday.  I never wanted her to be the youngest in her class. 

I did toy with the idea of letting her go to kindergarten that year, then have her re-do kinder the next year in our new location after we moved.  But the school district that year made kindergarten full day in stead of half day. She just wasn't ready to be gone all day. And neither was her momma. So, that year she and Ben went to a  little mom's day out once a week and played with me the rest of the time. It was a good year.

Now, here, we are just a few weeks before her eighteenth birthday and starting her senior year while other long time friends go off to college.  But I am so okay with that.  I have never doubted the decision to wait to start school...she just needed more time...there really was no rush. 

She has really thrived over the years being the oldest instead of the youngest in her class. And I think having those extra months in age and maturity has helped her as we have moved every few years. 

This senior year she planned to do some great things...but already some thing did not work out.  She has really enjoyed being on student council in high school, but she found out tonight she lost the election and would not be student body vice president.  Nor would she be a representative either....sadly.  The school changed the teacher sponsors and they changed how a few things worked.  In the past if you lost the election, then you could be a class representative. But this year this is one of the rule they new teachers have changed. If you lose your election, then you out of luck - and will have no part of stu-co - even if you had in the past , even if you had already put in several volunteer hours for different things.

Melissa was oh-so disappointed. I'm sure she'll find other things to fill her time....but right now it's feeling a little raw.   I am looking forward to seeing what my "bonus year" will bring her way....I have no doubt that the Lord has a great year planned her for.

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