Friday, August 19, 2016

This and That

Today ends the second week of school and so far both are doing well. Melissa will have an easy senior year with her only hard class is AP English. She is taking a class at the local Vo-Tech that involves learning business and life skills such as writing a resume.  The rest of the day she has a job working at the middle school office.  And is very happy!!  Next semester she'll have a typing class, so it'll get even easier!

Benjamin on the other hand has a tough load this year. Right now he has pre-AP English, Trig, pre-AP Biology, and Spanish 1.  After meeting his teachers, we decided he probably won't learn anything in Spanish...yea....that teacher is not a winner...  But we did like his other three teachers.  His English teacher is one the other two have had and we just love her! She goes to our church and is in charge of the spring school play. Ben will be learning in there!  His biology teacher goes to our church as well and we think a lot of her and her family. I have had two of her kids in my new believer's class at church.  Of course, being an Ole Miss Alumni helps!  His trig teacher is a Cajun - full-on accent and everything! He's new to the school, but seems to know his math....just hoping he'll be able to pass on that math knowledge in a way Benjamin can understand.

William right now is in a computer/video marathon.... Recovering from his six weeks of being a camp counselor (and computer/video-less)  He really seemed to have enjoyed his time at the camp. He's opened to doing it again next summer, but hasn't made up his mind.  Drew and I would like him to work the full 12 weeks of summer or get an internship in his field of study. He has awhile before he has to decide.  He moves back to school Labor Day...he'll be ready to get back into a normal routine, I'm sure.

The rain...yea....we're getting lots of it!  So far around our house and area, the rain  hasn't caused any flooding.  Of course, in the south part of the state, that's not the story. Yesterday we got a really bad storm and lots and lots of water! The ditches on our street were near full, we had a nice moat around the house (again) and one neighbor's driveway was covered in about 6-8 inches of water. But when the rain slowed down and then stopped, the water drained into the nearby lake without causing any issues. It looks like rain will continue on and off until Tuesday....hopefully, we'll see the sun again before then.

Work for Drew and I both is going well. Both of us are getting some projects done and off our desks.  Last week Drew was working in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  I sneaked off and stay over with him for two nights. We were able to catch up with one of his brothers and a friend from college.  As much as I love my children, it's nice to just be Kelley and Drew for a few hours instead of Mom and Dad.  He'll be off again next week - this time to DC....wish I could join him there! I did so enjoy my time in DC last month....just wished it could have been longer and had been able to see a few more friends in the area.

We do have few trips planned for this fall....trying to get a few football games in, but not sure if Ole Miss will be in the mix...the calendar is already getting full.

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