Sunday, September 4, 2016

Books, Books, Books!

This summer I have taken a dive in the reading.  In June I came across a new author at my library, Karen E Olson.  I ended up reading her books in reverse order. At the library I found her newest books, Hidden and Shadow. This new series of her is about a computer hacker.  They are very good!!  Then I read her second series about a tattoo artist in  Las Vegas that has a knack for stumbling into murder scenes. I again found this series very entertaining.   I didn't really know a lot about the tattoo world, since I don't have any tattoos or any plans to get one. So, a look into this world  was interesting.  Then I read first series Olson wrote.  Well...hmm...yea.  Not as good as the two newer ones. It was about a forty year old single women who was a newspaper reporter.  I read the first book, but really didn't like the language, but thought it was get better. It didn't.  I started the second book of the series, but within a few pages the language was just as bad.  So, I didn't complete the book nor started the third of the series.

I know myself.  I don't want to say  cuss words, but I know myself.  If I hear them in tv shows or read them in books, they get in my head. If they are in my head, then they WILL come out in my mouth! Because of this, I really try to avoid books and shows with bad language.  Just not worth it .

This summer I have, also, read the Bible through with an on-line group. We started June 1 and finished by the end of August. Yep! That's fast.  We didn't stop and get bogged down by the parts that we didn't totally understand.  We wanted to get the over-arching story of God's redemption plan. This is the fastest I have read through the Bible.  It took about 30-45 minutes every day.  Most days I did my reading in the morning, but there were a few days where I had to read a little at a time through out the day.

In the past week or so I have read a series by Susan May Warren - her Deep Haven series. I found that I read two of the books in the past.  Each of these books can stand on their own in that they don't give away too much of the other story lines. I really think she wrote better as the series went along.  My favorite books were the books 4 (My Foolish Heart), 5 (The Shadow of Your Smile) and 6 (You Don't Know Me).  I had read book 6 several years ago and just realized that it went with this series. (Book 2 Tying the Knot was the other book I had read before.) Warren is a Christian writer and in each of these books, the characters dealt with issues of faith.

Last week I also read the first in a series by Ronie Kendig, also, a Christian writer. This series has military members as a theme. I waiting for the second book to be available through my library.  While the book (Digitalis) was enjoyable, there were a few parts that were just not realistic. Entertaining, but not realistic....sort of like some of the James Bond or Jason Borne movies that are out in the theaters now.

All of this reading means that I have not watched a lot of tv....mainly because, there's not a lot of good new stuff on the tv during the summer.  Also, this summer I worked on a photo album project and a quilt that's almost done. I try to quilt at least an hour most days.  The quilt I working on now just needs the binding should be done this week....hopefully....unless I find more books to read!

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