Tuesday, September 6, 2016

My Empty Driveway

Tonight my driveway is empty....for the last month my driveway had a nice blue car parked there. But today was the day for William to return to college for his second year. 

I think he was excited....but William doesn't show much emotion unless it's anxiety....or irritation at me. 

One thing we both were upset with is we learned the "friend" that asked him to be his roommate  decided to get an off-campus apartment.  And didn't tell him until William text today...as we were moving in... I felt bad for William.  

But praying that he'll find new friends and even build stronger ties to the people he met last year.

His dorm room this year is in close to his old building- pretty central to everything.  I did get to meet two of the three new roommates.  These two are older, but seemed nice.

May he have another great year.

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