Friday, September 30, 2016

Our Birthday Girl

Ever since my kids have become teens, it's been hard to buy gifts for them. Especially the boys. But there have been times I have struck out with Melissa as well. 

But not this year!!

I made a deal with a friend of mine who knits. (Or crochets...I can't tell the difference...) I would make her a quilt if she made Melissa a mermaid blanket. 

Melissa was very happy!!

Here's the quilt I made in the deal: 

But her other gift actually brought Melissa to tears! First the back story...she really wanted to go sky diving. Yep. Jump out of a perfectly good airplane. 

Drew and I just couldn't pay for that..,nope. Not gonna do it. 

Instead we're buying her a plane ride ticket to see her best friend from Guam who now lives in St. Louis. 

She was totally thrilled!!!

(She also enjoyed getting money from several family members - money is always a good choice with her!)

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