Thursday, September 8, 2016

Downtown Issues

The main problem with my job being located downtown is parking. Our building has a small courtyard in the back off the alley where we can get three cars into. And up until last month we could park in an empty lot two doors down from us. 

Then the lot got new owners. Who put in a chain across the opening totally blocking anyone from parking in there. Actually, one of my co-workers got locked in the lot!! Her husband came with a crow bar or something and busted her out!!!! Crazy. Not gonna park there! 

So, for several days I parked on the street and feed the parking meter money. But you can only be in the same spot for two hours, then you have to move to a different spot or risk getting a ticket. 

After doing that for several days, I gave up and started to park two and half blocks away at one of the large parking garages owned by a casino. 

So...yea...looks like I spend my days at a casino. 

I've actually enjoy the short walk....of course, I wonder how much I'll enjoy it when the weather turns colds. And rainy. 

 I get to see all sorts of things on my short downtown walk. Like this relic from the past. It's missing a few pieces...and looking a little worn and tired. 

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