Sunday, September 18, 2016

End of the Weekend

This weekend went about how I thought it would...

....we all got to sleep late Saturday morning (which is the BEST day to sleep late)

....we watched Benjamin play soccer (he got no goals, but did have some great passes) college team lost (which I was pretty sure would happen) NFL team lost (which we did NOT get to watch)

...I did get a great Sunday afternoon nap (which is the BEST day to nap!) Sunday night New Believers' Class went well (I am co-teaching for the first time and LOVE IT!!!  We're using new curriculum and we're so enjoying the this set of kids - great bunch!)

But one thing happened late this evening that I DIDN'T think would happen - our renters in old house on the East Coast decided to renew their lease instead of moving out. YEAH!!! Thank you, Lord!! We are so happy! And love how it's off our list....well...for now...we're now hoping and praying  that when they do move out the market will be back up as we might try to sell it. 

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