Wednesday, September 14, 2016

My View

This has been my view for the last 24-hours. It's the view from my dad's hospital room. 

Mom took him to the doctor's on Monday because he was coughing, wheezing, sleeping too much. The doctor wanted him to see his cardiologist, but he was too busy and so, to the ER they went. Where he was admitted to a room. 

And when I changed my schedule and made arrangements for the kids (because of course Drew is out of town!) & came over. 

They ended up changing some of his medicine. As of now we think his echo is clear -which is great news! (But the echo has not been read officially.) 

The doctor has told us that we can go home - much to dad's joy. Hopefully, all the discharge papers will be processed fast. But it's a hospital. Nothing fast really happens. 

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