Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day

We really had a nice weekend! A great weekend! The weather was so nice - the kids played outside just about all day on Saturday. I re-read one of my favorite books. Sunday brought perfect weather again. We went to a state park about twenty minutes away after church for a hike. It was so very nice being outside in the woods. But we all agreed we needed to return in a month or so when everything was in bloom. It was a little brown.

Monday was a great Valentine's Day.  I got some tulips - my favorite flower. We all enjoyed chocolate covered strawberries- my traditional gift to Drew - and now the kids every year.  Although all the kids have decided that they really don't like chocolate...just more for me.  I did make them vanilla dip strawberries for them.

Drew and I ended up going out for dinner Monday night. I really didn't think we would - I had already had dinner planned, but he came home wanting to go out, so who am I to say no??  We didn't have to wait too long - Olive Garden was busy, but we were seated within twenty minutes or so. 

And of course, the food was yummy!

Valentine's was a little tempered for me though.  A step-son of a dear friend from Guam passed away. He was just nineteen years old. So sad. The whole family has been on my heart and mind since I found out.  Such a sad part of life.

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