Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Irony of it All

A few days ago a friend put up a "note" on facebook about being a military wife.  She had a list of things...well, lessons really that she has learned and lived as a military wife. She asked for opinions of other military wives.  I had to think about it for a few days.  This life I live, I just live it. Don't think about how to describe it too often.

Her thoughts and others had the same theme of "we make do with what we have"....whether it's turning friends into family because our natural family is too far away or making the most of the time we have together...celebrating birthdays or anniversary six days or weeks or months early or late because of a deployment.  I added that we military wives have to find a balance between being self-sufficient and relying on others.  We have to know when to ask for help and be able to accept it.

And that's where the irony of my life happens.  I had that kind of morning.

Well, it really started last night when Melissa said her toilet was clogged. We've had issues with these toilets getting clogged quite often.  A plumber did come out to investigate and while these are not his words, we apparently have big poop. Either that or we don't know how to flush correctly.  Jury is still out on that.

But while it's an easy fix, I can't fix it.  While I try to use the plunger, I am just not strong enough.  But Drew will be home in 24 hours, so that can be left to him.

Then this morning I woke up to William coughing again.  So, one more day of no school for him.  But I had the dilemma of "do I go to Bible study and leave him here or do I stay home"??  He's 13 and does not really need me to hover over his every cough and sniffle.  He's got his DS and the tv....he really doesn't need me.

Then as Melissa was cleaning up from her breakfast we discovered the kitchen faucet was not producing water.  Really?  Deep sigh.  Tried not to cry. It's amazing how something like this can send me to the edge of tears, but I tried not show them to the kids.  After all, at the moment I'm the only adult around. I can't fall apart. (While this onset of tears maybe due to being female having female issues, that does not negate that there are real problems to dealt with!!)

What to do?? Water at every other faucet...just not that

Next we Ben to add to the list. First thing out of his mouth this morning??  "I don't want to go to piano!!" "But you play so beautifully!!" "I don't care. I don't like it!"  Me: deep sigh. He is normally grumpy in the morning...but not this argumentative. But I did not feel like an argument. "You really need to have this conversation with your father...not me." Then I basically ignored him knowing that within a few minutes he would be much more cooperative about getting up, breakfast, and going to school.  (And yes, he will go to piano this afternoon.)

(Almost forgot: our desk-top computer has a virus....I can't figure out how to get rid of it...very frustrating. Need my personal computer tech guy. Yes, that would be my husband.)

I went ahead and showered and dressed....just in case I actually make it to Bible study or I have plumbers in the house. Either way - I needed to be clean and presentable.  At 8:00 I called the builder of the house.  It's still under a one-year warranty and he has told us to call him for any problems. I totally took him up on that offer.

Over an hour later he still had not called back....what to do...what to do....  So, I left a second message.  Thirty minutes later still no answer.  Bible study not happening...  So, I broke out the big guns.

I called Drew.

"What do I do now??!??" 

He suggested I call the builder's partner. So, I did and thankfully he answered his phone.  We both thought it was frozen pipes. At some point a plumber or the builder himself will come and add more installation to the pipes in the attic on an outside wall. 

Just before 11 o"clock the water started to flow again and from what I can tell no pipe actually broke.

The irony of this?  Drew is in DC taking care of our rent house because a pipe froze and broke and flooded the house. Badly. So bad that if it was a car it would be totaled. 100% percent.

But during all of this craziness I can't but help see the "treasures in the trail".  God is so good... blessings still flow...  William is really just about back to normal - he should be at school tomorrow...We have insurance, enough sky-miles for $10 plane tickets, friends to help...oh, those friends in Waldorf. You  are the best.  Drew had enough leave build up at work that he can take off this week to take care of all if this.  And to me a HUGE blessing: Drew can take care of this - not me!!

Another blessing: Pie Works Pizza deliverers. While the pizza pie was delicious, I really enjoyed that coke-a-cola. Calories and carbonation be damned...almost as good as chocolate (which I may dig out later....)

Best of all? I get to end this day by taking a late-night drive to the airport to pick Drew up.   Sleep that's been missing for the last week and half will be so sweet tonight.


C. S. Lambert said...

Your blog post made me cry. In the middle of having my husband leave, I understand. The helplessness. The fear. The feeling of being out of control and not knowing what to do.

I'm learning that no matter what, God will ensure that we can handle whatever He sends our way or allows through His loving fingers. And He did that for you today! He gave you the strength to deal with all that you had to face.

Military life was difficult, but so was life as a surgeon's wife, a cheater's wife, and now a single mother. One thing Mom once told me was that each of us has to face those challenges that help our characters. I appreciate that you live that--you face those challenges and embrace life. :)

Am so glad your pipe didn't break. Am so glad Drew could get to Waldorf and you have friends to help at that end. Am so glad the kids are doing better. And I'm so glad you have chocolate. Send some my way.... I'm needing it today.

The Adventure said...

Kelley! I enjoyed this post! Isn't that how life is...especially when our husbands are away!! I hope you have a great rest tonight!!! Look forward to reading more of your posts! Vonnie