Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Day

Today we are having our third snow day, but guess what's missing?? SNOW!

The two largest school districts here announced the cancellation a 5 last night.  I was very surprised that they called it that early.  In the school districts we lived in in the past, waited until 5 AM to decided.  Weather systems can change a lot in twelve hours.

Supposedly, we'll get snow around two this afternoon.  We'll see. Right now it's just raining...a little sleet at times, but mostly rain.  The schools really could have gotten a half or at least a whole day in session.

Of course, the kids are loving the day off.  They have just laid around watching TV most of the day - except for a few hours this morning when we played cards. I won.  Yeah for me! And yeah for me for surviving grumpy kids - oh, they all were in a great mood until the cards turned.  I threatened naps. 

Maybe they'll get a little happier when the snow starts to fall.

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