Friday, April 22, 2011

Being Left

Today I left my kids.  And just walked away. In public.

Sort of.

Okay, not really.

They boys wanted to see the movie "The Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2".  Knowing that I barley survived just hearing the first movie in this series play in the van, I really didn't want to see the second one.

By the time we left, Melissa decided she would go as well, so after I paid for the tickets, I just left.

But not too far - just a few doors down to the bookstore where I sat and read a book.

So nice.

I will say it felt a little disconcerting walking away from a public place and leaving my kids alone. With William being 14 and Melissa 12 (Ben's 10) some would say it's about time I gave the kids some breathing room!They did fine - at least according to each other's version of events - all behaved well. 

Me?  I'm just really glad I did not have to sit through that movie. And glad that my kids are growing up  well.

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