Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hump Day

The community Bible study that I attend was today - for the first time I really enjoyed all of it - not just part of it.  I go to a Bible study to make friends - to get encouragement - as well as to study what God has to say.  This group is really strong in teaching people how to study the Word, but not so good in building relationships.

One lady in my group today said she thought they didn't really want relationships to form so the focus would be on the Bible.


And I can see how that point of view would be supported and enabled.

Just doesn't work for me a lot of the time.

Each we week we meet in small groups to go over the study questions, then we meet in a large group for lecture. (And by large group I mean about 300 ladies!)  I usually feel very alone in large group. I have been known to skip out of it and get a start on my  weekly errands.  Our small  group usually just dispersed  - each their own way. Several have known each other for many, many years - they sit and talk. I'm sure they don't mean to leave me and the other new ladies out of the loop.

But today was different. Oh, we still all left the small group as usual, but a few ended up sitting next to me during lecture and I was able to have some great conversations with them.

So nice.

One lady is very interesting.  She was  missionary in Afghanistan for many years - has been back in the States about three years now. All her children are grown, but all are within a few hours drive as well as having some other family members in the state.  She is just a lot of fun to visit with.

Just a nice morning!

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