Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Tonight was Benjamin's first soccer game  - and the best part?? HE SCORED!! So proud of him!!  He was so proud of himself!!  His team won 3 -1, I think.  So happy for him!

Melissa on the other hand, was not too happy.  She really  hates going to the games. Which I can totally relate! One of my greatest times in my  childhood was when I was old enough to stay at home along AT NIGHT! so I didn't have to go to one of my brother's baseball games.  

I loved staying home alone. The first night I watched Child of the Corn.

Maybe not the best choice of movies.....but still. I was home ALONE AND NOT AT A BASEBALL GAME!!!

So, I'm going to be a good momma and not make her go to William's games later this week.   I know she'll be thrilled!

And hopefully, she won't be watching Children of the Corn.....


Amber said...

how exciting! I bet Melissa with be thrilled to stay home all by herself!

Anonymous said...

Would she take a book to read in Dodger Stadium?