Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Simplify Your Life

After the soccer game last night, I made some decisions to make my life simpler. Like not forcing Melissa to go to the night soccer games  - just let her stay home - and get to bed early so she won't be grumpy. She's so not fun to be around when she's grumpy.

But I, also, made some other decisions - just simple I was to leave town on Friday, but now won't go until Saturday. 

Again, this morning I changed my schedule just to make my life simpler. Instead of going to the base and sitting around waiting for some medication to be filled at the pharmacy and running through the commissary all the while hoping I would get home before the kids did from school.  But instead I decided to simplify my schedule.

I decided to just shop at Wal-Mart instead of the commissary (except on meat and dairy Wal-Mart's brand is just as cheap as the commissary and Wal-Mart is so much closer to the house!) and to wait on the medicine.  Afterwards, I came home and cleaned my kitchen.

Not sure about you,  but my life is seems so much better with a clean kitchen.

With plenty of time before the kids came home from school I even got some other things done. LOVE IT!

And what was one of the main messages at Bible study this morning? Simplify you life so you have more time for God.

Yeah! Love when God confirms to what His leading.


This is My Life said...

And doesn't it feel great when you take ownership of that and make those changes! How awesome!!

Polly said...

Agreed! When I change my little routine for someone else, everything just falls apart. But if I keep things simple, do what I have to do and make no excuses or apologies, I'm good.