Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Almost to the End

We have one more week at school.  The kids are ready. I'm ready.  I'm hoping more sleep will be in my future - and for the kids. They are grumpy when sleep deprived.   Drew and I will still get up early for our morning walk, but at least I can go back to bed if need be.

As usual I'm not sure if any work at school will be done with week.  The two older ones have at least one field trip this week or a day of fun at school.  And the younger one will have a movie day.  At this moment it looks like two of the three will have straight A's. And surprisingly it's William that probably won't. 

I hate to say laziness will be a factor, but.....probably so. And the fact that we don't think he knows how to study very well.  Things come easy to him - just listen in class and do the homework and he gets it.  But some things need more work.  He's not so into that. Hence, the laziness.

But looking back this year's been harder for him. I think in some ways he's still recovering from the move.  He's not as comfortable with these teachers as he was with the ones in Guam.   This is a bigger school - I think that has something to do with it. Also, in Guam the teachers has several things in place to make each grade and each home-room feel like a team  - he doesn't have that at all here. In fact this semester for his homeroom he is in the library as  student helper. He likes it - gives him more time to read, but I think socially it wasn't such a great idea for my shy son.

One thing the kids are really looking forward to is the end-of-school party we're throwing.  Ice cream and water guns.  Should be a good time!

I'm just hoping that the whole school doesn't show up!!

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