Friday, May 27, 2011

Vacation Days

My husband had some meeting to attend along the Coast, so we decided to tag along since school was out.  Oh, what fun! Yesterday while Drew was at work the kids and I took a bus tour. It covered most of the old downtown area.  The tour guide also talked a lot about the damage that was done during Hurricane Katrina.  It's amazing (in a bad way) that some much still has not be re-built.  The kids had a hard time understanding that all the open spaces they saw use to be a neighborhood.
 For lunch the kids and I tried a local sandwich place that was recommended by the tour guide. We really should have skipped it - not so good. 

But today was so much better.  First we had lots of sunshine - none of the rain that visited us yesterday afternoon and last night.  We started our morning climbing the local lighthouse.  It's smaller than most others, but still beautiful. Then we spend some time on the beach. Oh, that was so nice.  Miss our beach time.  The kids talked Drew into renting a water tricycle.  We all had some fun on it - but it's work!

We ate lunch at a new place in town, Half Shell Oyster House - Drew ordered some bar-b-que shrimp. Oh. my.  You could take a bath in the sauce and be very, very happy. 

We spent the afternoon at at children's museum. The kids had a great time.

After a short nap (hey - it's vacation!  Drew thinks all vacation days require them and since his work is done, he's on vacation - so. Nap time.), we meet some friends for dinner at The Shed. Once again, we had some great food!  This place was even featured on Diner, Drive-ins, & Dives.  Good stuff!

Tomorrow the plan is to eat a good breakfast before we hit the road to Drew's parent's house for a few nights.

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Polly said...

Happy for y'all.
Maybe not in that order.
Love to all!