Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Saturday Drew and  I gave a deep sigh of relief as soccer season came to an end. Then, what did we do?  Allowed William to join an indoor team. So. Five more weeks of soccer.  And this time we get the added bonus of driving ALL. THE. WAY. ACROSS. town to the the indoor facility. Do you feel my joy?
So, why, then did we do this insanity? 

Mainly, William loves soccer. He really does.  But also, this team is coached by the high school soccer coach and the rest (well, mostly the rest) of the team is the high school team.  This gives William a chance to get to them all of them, as well as all of them to get to know William.

We're excited at the possiblity of William playing for the high schol team. One of our desires for our kids is for them to have a postive high school experience. We feel that being apart of a team or group or club enhances that positive high school experience. This could be Willliam's place.

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