Wednesday, May 25, 2011

End of the School Year

Yesterday ended the school year for us. We were all ready! Monday I had planned to attend the awards ceremonies at the middle school. One was at 7:45 for William to be inducted in the National Junior Honor Society, then a second one at 9 o'clock for the end of the year awards.  But the day started off with the vice principal calling asking if I could work as an aide. Sure...but the ceremonies...  She assured me I could still attend those.

Well, then sure! I'll work!  I had already planned to spend the time between the ceremonies helping in the office - this way I got paid!  After William's NJHS ceremony, I helped one student finish a make up test, then for the rest of the day I was either in the awards ceremony or helping in the office as no other teacher needed help  - and the best part?  I got paid!

Love it!

It was a good day!  William won  the top reading award. Not real surprise - he loves to read!  Melissa got an award for having all A's and B's all year. (Poor William had one C back in December when life was really crazy...maybe next year!!)

BUT!!! Drew and I got a nice surprise!! All three kids earned straight A's this last nine weeks!!  We thought William was going to have a B, but no - they all worked hard and pulled A's!! We are very proud of them!

Monday night the middle school did their first ever "Crossover" ceremony for the eight graders moving up to the high school - or crossovering the parking lot to the high school that's just next door. It was a lovely ceremony!  Not too long, very well done. William has said several times that it was "boring!!"  But  he's just being a boy.  His best friend threw a fit and didn't have to go - William wasn't as lucky.  We made him go!  And I'm so glad  I did. It was really nice.

Tuesday we were the cool parents and did not make any of our kids go to school. I'm not really convinced roll was taken. At one point, I did have to go to the elementary to pick up Ben's medication that he has there, and his class was watching a movie - one of four for the day.  You think they could at least play some board games that keep the mind working.

Then, after school we really cool parents and hosted an ice cream party for all the kids and their friends.  I think we ended up with about 25 kids eating, throwing water balloons, dodging water guns, bouncing in the bouncy house, and flying down the water slide. What a fun afternoon!!! 

And yes, we are hoping to do it all over again next year...a new tradition!!

(One of the best parts for the days was Drew was home to help out.....he's been gone so much in the past, I just so relish and enjoy when he's around...yes, I still love that man!!  One sad part was poor Ben did not have any award ceremony  at at.  Not that he cared.)

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